Freestyle Freaks in Patchogue


My first love, when it comes to music, is Freestyle. Freestyle in the late 80s dominated Ridgewood, Queens like doo- wop did in the 50s. Everyone I knew listened to TKA, La India, George Lamond, Cynthia, Judy Torres or Sebastian. Freestyle music has become the sound track of my youth- and I’m happy about that! 

Dublin Deck is ready

Last Friday, Dublin Deck Patchogue hosted Soave, Cynthia and the kings of freestyle TKA. From all accounts Mother Nature is a Freestyle Freak too! For a month that has been dominated by the Mercury reaching 90s often and humidity soaring in the high 80s, we had the perfect night to dance. 

Cynthia doing her thing

We have seen Soave and TKA before- and often. So comparing shows is really easy. I never seen Cynthia before and I was excited. Soave, dapper as usually, came onto the deck and sang a handful of 80’s party music. Songs like Bell Biv Davoe’s “Poison,” and other party starters. Then out of nowhere the house lights went low, the music went soft and we hear As I sat by my window just thinking of you, the deck just erupted. The mood is set we are ready to go! Freestyle is in the house! 

Girls night out

Cynthia just ripped it! I never seen her live before, and I’m just happy I had the chance to. If Judy Torres is the Queen of Freestyle, Cynthia is definitely the princess. I forgot the catalogue of monster hits she made. If someone made a “Quintessential Freestyle” compilation Cynthia would be all over it. Songs like Change on Me, Endless Night, Thief of Hearts, Dream Boy/ Dream Girl, and Love me Tonight. This is freestyle! 


TKA was just off. That isn’t like them, but everyone has an off day. Their usually impeccable timing was a fraction off. However, I know it is only temporary. K7 comes off as a perfectionist and I know they will the it right for next time. 

Boys night out- VCH Ground Pounders

The star of this night was defiantly Cynthia… and Dublin Deck. Dublin Deck limited tickets to 2,500 and could have sold double that. Service was flawless, drinks were on point. Dublin Deck is what Neptune’s was 15 years again. 

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