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Summertime is about friends and music. Well it is for me anyways. Growing up in the late 80s/ early 90s freestyle dominated the music scene in my neighborhood. The corner store always had Judy Torres playing on a transistor, Lamond played the cars. TKA was BBQ music. The sounds of Fresh Pond Road in Ridgewood was definitely Freestyle. This music brings me back to that place every time. I associate Freestyle music with “Being home”- that is to say something familiar and comfortable.

Saturday night at The Bald Hill Amphitheater in Farmingville, they featured Freestyle Feast. Heavy hitters like aforementioned TKA and Judy Torres, Coro and Cover Girls all lit the stage on fire. I’ve been to hundreds of these shows, I know what to expect, but I leave with a goofy smile every time. What can I say, I’m a fan!

Let me focus on the acts I’ve never seen live before. First one was Nayobe. Nayobe’s biggest hit was a song called Please don’t go. I’ve been listening to Please don’t go for 35 years! This is part of the setlist of my life. Nayobe sounded as good today as she did back then.

Cynthia was outstanding! I love Cynthia! Cynthia’s Endless Night is flat out a great song! When she introduced Johnny O the Amphitheater erupted. Dream Boy/ Dream Girl was arguably the biggest song of 1989. People who don’t know freestyle, know Dream Boy/ Dream Girl. I loved seeing these two!

Crystal Waters… What can I say about Crystal Waters? Ok, yes she’s not freestyle, per se, but who cares? Crystal Waters is awesome! She only makes great hits. She is responsible for club anthems like Party in the Ghetto, Gypsy Women, !00% Pure Love and Dance floor. Crystal Waters’ music is loud, danceable and centered at the middle of the dance floor. We can not discuss club music without mentioning Crystal Water.


I’ve seen Coro before, and he does not disappoint. The man can still dance. Fallen Angel and Where are you Tonight are still great tracks. Soave was solid. Just wish he stuck to his own library more… It’s good enough, trust me. He just goes off on covers of Bell Biv Davoe, and Prince.

Freestyle Royalty Judy Torres and TKA stole the show as normal. Torres (Last week’s rumors of her passing were a hoax) was outstanding. Her catalog of hit are impressive. Her songs are insightful, danceable and brings a sense of comfort. No reason to Cry is my all time favorite… and I can’t see it changing.


Back in 1994ish I snuck into Astoria’s now defunct Silverscreens nightclub to see “TKA’s last performance.” Thank God that wasn’t the case. Thank god TKA is still kicking… and sliding… and in rhythm. Man they can dance. Check out K7’s new track


Guys thank you for making me feel like a 13 year old kid wondering Ridgewood, Queens again.

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