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FSG (First Street Green) Art Park is a nonprofit, all volunteer based organization which hosts parties for the city using their park (once an empty lot filled with tons of trash), inviting musicians & DJ’s to perform on stage, providing giant blank canvases for community murals, and allowing people like me the chance to meet some of the artists I admire and follow. I had the pleasure of visiting their community at the Summer Classics Block Party 2017 with my best friends and some little ones.

Watching my friend’s kids interact with the country’s most popular emerging street artists, ask their questions with awe, learning about (and from) their passion for creating art with spray paint or sculpting with household items? How do they come up with their visions? Who taught them how to draw? – was so inspiring. It was a moment that makes places like First Street Green Art Park a true treasure, a spot to protect and keep as a safe haven for this city’s cultural activities.

Aging shouldn’t prevent us from looking at FSG’s art with the same wonderment and curious eyes as my friend’s kids. They have the right approach to new cultural experiences.

To keep up with First Street Green Art Park’s projects and mission, check out their website:
To learn more about the artists featured in this post, check them out at their profiles and sites:

Instagram: @hektad._official

Jeff Henriquez, KeyDetail, 2o17
Instagram: @JeffHenriquezArt

Aaron Schraeter, Birdhouse Repo, 2017

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