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Good Day New York’s greatest weatherman Mike Woods is not only known for his great charm and rock hard physique.  After hearing about Woods’ phenomenal shape a countless number of times, I had the opportunity to talk to Mike about his fitness regime and his secrets to fitness success. Enjoy!

PS A special thanks goes out to Mike Woods for the interview.  When I was a featured guest on Fox 5, the weather host and his body was the talk of the channel.  As a result, I wanted everyone to hear it in Mike’s own roads: What does it take to have a body like Mike Woods?!

First things first – How old are you and how long have you been working out?

I’m 46 and I have been working out since age 25, which makes 21 years of exercise.  NOW I FEEL OLD! [laughs]

Mike woods good day ny

Meteorologist Mike Woods attributes his shape to frequent small meals and a rigorous workout schedule.

Man, you are not old; age is just a number!  What specifically sparked your interest into working on fitness?

I remember when my dad, a fireman in decent shape, passed the age of 30.  His body changed.  He put on a pretty respectable beer belly, which was not something I wanted to do.  I knew I did not want it for myself, so it was time to join a gym and get dedicated.

Its funny how our parents influence us without even knowing it!  That being said Mike, how important is exercise to you?

I need to exercise regularly or it truly affects not only my body, but my mental state.  Aside from feeling better about myself physically and emotionally, I find [exercise]helps maintain my positive attitude.

I couldn’t agree more, working out with weights gives your body an outlet to release everyday stresses. 

Workouts are truly the best drug!  Were you a skinny guy growing up?  Have ever had to battle your weight?

I had what what I would say was an average build: Not too skinny but never too big.  I was about 6′ tall and 180 pounds at age 18; I remained this way until age 25.  That’s when I began to gain weight… but GOOD WEIGHT!!

Sounds like you have great genetics! How many times per week do you exercise?  What is a typical day in the gym for you?

I am usually at the gym 4-5 days per week. I do take my time, so I am usually there for about 90 minutes each workout.  I do have to keep up with my cardio; usually the bike for around 40 minutes too.  Unfortunately, I have a few injuries as a result of overuse.  I’ve adjusted my workouts to a point where I am doing much higher numbers of reps with lower weights — which is not the worst idea.  I am still able to get a great workout in without pushing up the really heavy weights these days.  In fact, I am amazed at how well one can maintain without lifting heavy weights.  I love it!!

I find it awesome how you are safely working out that much even after suffering from injuries; most people stay clear from the gym when they get hurt.  Its amazing how adaptable the body is.  Mike, very few of us are “always” happy with our bodies, so what are your current physique goals?

I would love to lose a little more body fat… who doesn’t?  I remain reasonably strict with my diet, but I am nowhere near perfect with it.  A boy has got to live!

HAHA!  Well Mike, 80% of what we see in the mirror is based off our nutritional habits… so if you “live too much” you wont like what you see in the mirror!  If you could change one thing about your physique, what would it be?

I would love to have a bigger, more defined chest. That has always been a struggle for me.

With more hard work it will come!  So, since we know that 80% of what we eat shows up in the mirror, what does a typical day of eating include for Mike Woods?

I usually start the day with a bowl of oatmeal around 3:30am before I jet off to work.  Within the first few hours of being there, I will have a banana, yogurt and an apple.  I also bring some kind of chicken salad (something that is high in protein) to snack on throughout the morning.  Lunch is usually something like a salad from Chipotle with chicken and no dressing.  For dinner, I might stop by something like a pita joint and get a plate with a decent amount of protein, such as steak or chicken.  I am also a big grilled or broiled fish eater.  I tend to snack a lot during the day, which helps.  Not to mention, my body does not like to eat much at any given meal; consistently eating small amounts works best for me.

I have been out to eat with you and I can definitely attest for your small portion eating hahaa.. is there any kind of diet structure you follow?

Not really.  I can’t resist too many cookies and pastries.  I just try to be reasonable about it. Very true. I know you are up super early (around 3am) for work; does that affect your schedule workout and eating wise? Usually, I get a workout in around 3pm following a quick afterwork nap.  It is an odd schedule, but that is what works best for me.  I find that if I try to work out as soon as I”m off the job, I don’t have enough energy and that is not good.  I’m naturally a “grazer” type who eats small consistent meals, so I never go too long without eating.


You mentioned earlier that you have had some injuries.  What were they exactly and how did you overcome them?

I had both my left knee and shoulder scoped last September.  Most problems arose due to the aforementioned overuse and a previous soccer injury.  To this day, I struggle with arthritis, which is actually pretty bad for a guy my age.  I just have to make sure I pay attention [to the injuries].  Icing is very important, especially if you have injuries that involve swelling.  Also, stretching has become a much bigger part of my entire routine as I age.  Stretching is no joke!!!

Ouch, arthritis stinks and woill be something you have to work around, but I say your doing a great job! What is your biggest daily obstacle to overcome?

I find it difficult to avoid the not-so-good stuff when it come to dieting. Another issue is the amount of social obligations I have to keep up with.  That can make for some very long days.

No excuse buddy!  If there’s a will and way you have to make it happen. I would say your doing it! Who is your fitness idol?

Growing up, it’s no big surprise.. ARNOLD [Schwartzeneggar]..  Nowadays, I love to see regular guys like me who aren’t professional body builders (like Hugh Jackman) maintain their physiques.

Arnold was one of the reasons I started working out myself! If you had a choice of hiring a world famous personal trainer or a world class nutritionist, which would you choose?

Unfortunately, I do not have enough knowledge there.  For me, it’s more about getting to know someone and identifying with them.. then trying to see if we can come up with a plan that works.

It was a pleasure interviewing you Mike, thanks again. Where can the fans find more info about you? FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER!! @mikewoodsfox5

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