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I missed restaurants. During the current pandemic the thing I miss the most are restaurants. I love walking in to a place that is full of life. I miss workers scampering about, people engaged in pleasant conversation. I want to experience other cultures through food. I love restaurants. The other day I experienced cajan.

This Massapequa staple serves cajan and other southern comfort foods. I understand there are some changes due to Covid. No fresh fruits for garnish, bread, really any thing that needs to be picked up with fingers. It’s understandable and I appreciate it. I’m also ok with wearing a face covering mask. Interesting side note, I had a dream the other day where I wore a mask. Public safety has crept into my sub-conscience.

Let’s get to the food. How do we start? Since it was National hot wing day, we started with wings of course. I love meaty wings- Big Daddy’s wings were incredibly meaty. They were perfectly sauced with a delicious Asian styled sweet n sour coating. Just fantastic.

For entrees, we have a a southern styled Prime Rib with mashed. Another team member had a pork po’ boy. Prime Rib is a fatty cut of meat. It is delicious and rich. The Prime Rib was cooked perfectly. I didn’t care for the sauce that it was topped with. The sauce had a dirty slightly spicy taste to it. It just wasn’t meant for my palette. If I was a bigger cajan fan, it would have been better. In hind sight I should have gone with crawfish.

The po’ Boy was amazing. Pulled pork, topped with Cole slaw and sweet BBQ sauce in a grinder roll. Just fantastic. Pairing the Po’ boy with sweet potato fries made me happy. The sandwich was messy, but well worth it. The play of flavors were amazing. Just picture the saltiness of the pork, the smoothness of Cole slaw and the tanginess of a BBQ sauce. This was dynamite!

What’s cajan without a Hurricane. We missed fresh fruit here. It needed the orange wedge but we improvised. A drop of OJ solved it. Ok so it may not be a “Hurricane” anymore, but it could be something better. A classic Hurricane with a splash OJ and no garnish- Let’s call it the Covid Cane!

Big Daddy’s is a Massapequa staple. The beautiful thing about Big Daddy’s is no one else is doing anything like them in the area. Cajan food may be popular, but Big Daddy’s is the only place in the area I can think of. Check out Big Daddy’s and put a little South in your Mouth.

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