Greenblender Organic Smoothie Delivery Brings Superfood Power


Now on Long Island, Greenblender organic smoothie delivery box review by Kelly at The “IT” Look blog

I am inhaling a container of blueberries as I write this.  For the past two or so years, superfoods in the form of the above, along with hemp, quinoa, a week’s worth of vegetables including kale and yellow squash.. chia seeds and ginger.. have helped replace more than half the carbs in my lifestyle routine (I refuse to reference my eating as dieting).  You get the picture.

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If your schedule is anything like mine, getting foods together for even a week’s worth of smoothies can arguably become a mini marathon in itself.  Planning meals is one of the first steps to better health, mind and body — which is where the sweethearts at Green Blender come in. The company launched its organic smoothie box in NYC and spread out to Long Island only a few months ago. You might have already seen their eponymous Instagram feed @green_blender, which does an exceptionally good job of making green lovers excited about the goodness of smoothie time. Connect with Green Blender on Twitter @green_blender too!

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What You Get: A bundle of pre-measured ingredients aka box full of vegetables, fruits and a “Booster Bag” filled with chia seeds, cacao and the spices typically used in wholesome and vegan meals with a recipe sheet (some recipes require ice to be added). Given five to ten minutes of prep time, a smoothie novice has the ingredients to produce a Chocolate Raspberry Tart smoothie, Tumeric Ginger or Pineapple Punch – all of which incorporate greens like swiss chard in with tropical fruits.  Sip through one of the brightly colored straws provided, enjoy, even share your smoothie! ~ Repeat next week when a new box is delivered to your door.  

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