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Occasionally new voices emerge. They start as a whisper, known only to friends and love ones and build. Eventually, the industry you’re a part of catches wind. Then, you can build your star. Local Author Robert P. Ottone, is not there yet- he is not a house hold name, but he is on the way. Much like Stephen King is synonymous with the great state of Maine, Ottone may be Long Island’s next Walt Whitman. Yes that is a bold statement but he is putting in the work.

Robert P. Ottone’s latest work Her Infernal Name & Other Nightmares is a collection of seventeen short stories and one novella. Her Infernal Name has been made possible by Spooky House Press. The novella which bares the covers name is a Psychological thriller. It follows the story of an indebted college graduate Shosh and a capricious 15 year old teen Social Media influencer. At the beginning it starts as a mis-match Odd Couple thing, then it turns fantastically creepy. It is flat out brilliant. The only flaw to the story, in my opinion is I wanted more. That is a good problem.

We interviewed Robert recently, and discovered some of his stories are taken from real life. That makes them even more sinister.

Check out Her Infernal Name & Other Nightmares by Spooky House Press. Copies are available on Amazon!!!

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