Hottest Spring Eyewear from Vision Expo East


With the spring season finally beginning to show face, there is a good chance you are looking for the perfect eyewear to protect your precious peepers for the sunny months to come. Vision Expo East is our favorite place to discover the latest eyewear fashion trends before they pop up in stores. The trade show boasts some of the regions’ most prestigious vendors of sunglasses and frames.

Lauren’s Top Vision Expo Picks

Summer Sporty Shades

Tifosi Optics Sunglasses are the best sport shades for quality, style, function, and price. They are perfect for both intense outdoor sports, such as cycling, running and also an ideal pair of golf shades. Top styles include the Dea SL Blue Tortoise ($49.95) and the Hagen Neon Pink Smoke ($59.95).

Tiflis sunglasses

Costa Del Mar, a brand known for known for having the clearest fishing sunglasses, featured some of the most beautiful frames for 2015. They offer a variety of different colored frames and lenses whose high-quality make comes with a lifetime guarantee. Top picks include the Mag Bay in Matte Sunset fade with gray lenses, Cut Matte Tortuga Fade with green mirror lenses and La Mar Wood fade with copper lenses are my favorite selects from their newest collection.

Costa del mar mag bay sunglasses

Costa Del Mar

Gargoyles performance eyewear does not only meet and exceed military grade standards for impact and visual optics they also stylish. Whether you are shooting at the range or catching some rays definitely check this brand out. The Squalls are anti-reflective, resist smudging, and repel water; great for summer.

Gargoyles Squalls

Gargoyles Squalls

Caviar sunglasses
Caviar Frames are as high end as they sound: Luxurious, ornate, beautiful eyewear. Sparking looks like the Caviar 5613 are dazzling with Austrian Swarovski crystal details.

Sama Alessandra

Sama Alessandra sunglasses are luxe beauty!

 Sama high end sunglass styles are preferred by countless celebrities including Reese Witherspoon and Colin Farrel. They are even assembled and finished by hand for the highest level of quality.  Styles such as the Alessandra, above, possess a strikingly medieval influence.

Bob shrunk

Flora frames by Bob Sdrunk

Bob Sdrunk is an eyewear designer from Italy.  His pretty Flora sunglasses have a “lace” flower surrounding each frame.

I plastic mod sunglasses
I-Plastik Mod 0092 frames have a special finish called the “Peach Effect”, locking in the colors and protecting frames from irritating nicks and scratches. The eyewear model comes in variety of patterns and colors.

The Vision Expo East is the premier event to discover the latest in eyewear fashion and innovation.

Sunglasses! Headband! All in one!

During the summer, I constantly find myself talking my sunglasses on and off. However, any savvy fashionista knows: Putting sunglasses on top of your head stretches out the frames (possibly causing headaches in the process). It is also a constant pain to keep taking them out of a case. Check out Fantaseyes Stays On, which tackle the double duty of sunglasses and a headband in one. The innovative grips keep glasses on your hair, but do not hurt your face while wearing. I recommend the SS Alma Matta; they have a round frame that is trendy and won’t break the band at under $20.

Accessory Must Haves

O-OK is a newly developed eyeglass hang-up made of hypoallergenic silicone. The flexible “eyewear hangers” can be worn on a shirt, button, on an adjustable necklace (included), or can click onto the vent outlet in a car.

Check out the Charmed Life magnifier necklaces! They are stylish and functional. Lotus, Rose, and Sedona are my top picks from Ron’s Optical. The magnifier necklaces are available at Long Island optical retailer Debspecs.

Mini Specs from Evolution Eyes are exactly that – miniature magnifiers to wear around your neck. They have a stylish cat-eyed design which make a cute and functional accessory for any outfit.

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