IV Vitamins – Friend or Foe?


Many adults take at least one multivitamin per day.  Well, imagine having nearly any major nutrient go right into your bloodstream without having to remember to “take your vitamins”?  IV vitamin therapy is just as it sounds: A natural method of infusing nutrients through the bloodstream to deliver effective doses of vitamins that are essential to our bodies’ health.  Health-conscious superstars like Madonna  swear by this method of vitamin taking; Rihanna has been known to tweet about the goodness of her intravenously-fed nutrients.   Administrators boast about how the vitamin process promotes consistently positive health benefits: Better skin, a decreased risk of heart disease and even Vitamin C for (gasp!) cancer treatment.  Administrators point out how IV nutrients do not claim to be an actual cure, but strive to mention how injecting high levels of Vitamin C in the bloodstream can “kill” cancerous cells without harming or damaging those cells which are not cancerous.

Naturally, some doctors are skeptical about the promises IV nutrients make and suggest, reminding us how any nutrients should only be administered with necessity in mind.  Instances where intravenous vitamins are neccessary include a patient who is too sick to eat and another, elderly patient who is unable to absorb vitamin B12 due to stomach atrophy, in which case the injecting nutrients is the only way to restore a typical blood level.

While some of those who receive IV vitamins report a “feel good” result, it can possibly be just a placebo effect.. nothing more.  The most important thing when choosing any new approach to vitamins or health plan is to do your research: Discuss IV vitamins with your doctor, consult with an administrator of IV vitamins and ask questions!  Keeping any illnesses, sensitivity to vitamins and/or allergies to yourself can make for a completely adversive effect on the body. Keep in mind that nutrients derived from food are meant to be ingested and then digested by the immune system.

For the moment, IV vitamin drips are available at a limited number of Long Island wellness institutions.

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