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The world is getting smaller every day. To some extent, food is at the core of this. We can learn from the way someone prepares foods. We are offered an insight that comes with ingredients used, cooking techniques and the role food can play in the family dynamic. No where is this more prominent than ethnic style foods. Recently LIB Magazine ventured to Hampton Bays and sampled Karamba.


Karamba is a tropical escape located on Long Island’s South Shore. This is the ideal destination for us who love summer spent in the Hamptons. This Argentinean restaurant blends both the traditional elements of an eclectic culture with the modern flashy nature of New York. When you strip away the bar and the beautiful décor, what your left with is amazing food.


In my opinion, nothing describes Southern American foods better than ceviche. Ceviche is a seafood dish popular in coastal regions of Latin and Southern America. Karamba’s version of ceviche is a delicate blend of shrimp, citrus juice and spice. The beautiful thing about ceviche is it is has to be made fresh. This is one of those dishes I will judge my entire experience with. Karamba’s ceviche was amazing!


The tropical décor transcends Long Island and has a very authentic feel. The art work on the wall really captures a moment. I loved the one painting of the Macaws. Karamba is the tropical destination located in the getaway that is the Hamptons.

Karamba is located at 26 W Montauk Highway in Hampton Bays.

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