Kat Von D Share Darkwave Laced Single ‘Enough’ from Forthcoming Debut LP


Kat Von D shares driving darkwave laced single ‘Enough’, the third track from her forthcoming debut album, ‘Love Made Me Do It’, due August 27th.

Kat reveals; “It was written by Chris Brenner, Danny Lohner from Nine Inch Nails introduced us. They’d actually worked on the song together, but they’d never done anything with it. It’s one of only two songs I didn’t write on the album. When I talked to Chris about it, he said, ‘That was my big breakup song’. The intro lyrics are, ‘Dove down to the bottom of the dark blue sea searching for any traces that are left of me’. I love that idea. You tend to lose yourself in relationships—good and bad. You’re reflecting on your part and why you stuck around. It attests to our willingness to stay in shitty relationships.” 

Listen to ‘Enough’  here.


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