Kaufold’s in Ridge Is the Place for Autumn Delights


Celebrate Autumn! Nights get longer, there is a chill in the air: Autumn. Football helmets crash together, leaves change, the smell of fresh baked pies in the air, Autumn. We at LIB Magazine decided to celebrate this pretty time of year at Kaufold’s in Ridge, NY.

Kaufold’s is a family farm located just east of William Floyd Parkway on Route 25. The old world charm that a farm setting brings us is odd considering the cutting edge lives most of us live. Fresh air can help decompress, get in touch with nature and just leave the busy pace of life alone. As I casually walked around the grounds, I noted the mums ready to help usher in the rest of the season. We made our way through the corn maze and just forgot about the past week. Finally bought home the biggest pumpkin I can find.

Long Island is known for fantastic, seasonal roasted corn, and Kaufold’s does better than many. Their pies are also top notch; everything I tried was superb! After enjoying the foods available it was time to have some fun. I stepped up to the corn cannon, took aim and missed. What is a corn cannon? This is a pressurized cannon that shoots pieces of corn on the cob at an amazing 80 pounds of pressure.

Celebrate Autumn with the family at Kaufold’s. Shoot corn cannons, chase chickens or take a hayride. Get in touch with nature.

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