Kickin’ It Old Skool at the Vans Warped Tour



Several veteran Warped Tour bands played the 2016 Vans Warped Tour in Wantagh, NY including Less Than Jake, Reel Big Fish, New Found Glory, and Yellowcard.


“Some bands seem like they are old school but they are still younger than most of the bands we toured with in the 90s. The only bands from the 90s that are on Warped Tour are Reel Big Fish and us. Everyone else is from the early 2000s but Sum 41 is cool, Yellowcard is awesome, the guys in New Found Glory are like our family,” said Less Than Jake saxophonist Peter “JR” Wasilewski


The kings of Pop-Punk, New Found Glory, played the Warped Tour for the first time on a local stage in Florida in 1999. “We are just as excited to play the Warped Tour as we were the first time, we never take Warped Tour for granted,” said New Found Glory guitarist Chad Gilbert. New Found Glory recently released Stories Of A Different Kind, a coffee book full of band memorabilia and short stories. New Found Glory signed copies of their book for fans at their merchandise tent.



Yellowcard recently announced that they will be releasing their final album self-titled Yellowcard on September 30th and they are doing a final world tour. “The decision has been made so instead of us being bummed out I have a suggestion, why don’t we share this time together and get fucking stoked and sing these songs together one more time. This is our 7th time on the Vans Warped Tour, we would be nowhere without this tour,” said Ryan Key the lead vocalist from Yellowcard. During their set, Yellowcard played several songs from their 2004 album Ocean Avenue including “Way Away,” “Breathing,” “Only One,” and “Ocean Avenue.” New Found Glory drummer, Cyrus Bolooki, along with his Muppets Animal Plush toy perched on top of his base drum, played drums for Yellowcard during their set.


Peter “JR” Wasilewski, saxophonist for Less Than Jake and Derek Gibbs, bassist for Reel Big Fish took the time to talk to LIB about their upcoming tours, beer, favorite pastimes, and their political stance on the upcoming election.


What’s Next after Warped Tour?

Wasilewski announced that Less Than Jake is touring the US in 2017. Hint hint they are going to be touring with a band that is currently playing the Vans Warped Tour.

Gibbs said Reel Big Fish will be playing a 311 cruise March 2nd-6th as well as some shows in Mexico City.

What type of beers do you like to drink?

“A cold one, I like IPAs a lot so when we are on tour I tend to ask for local, we just got a case from the Long Beach Brewing Company today,” said Wasilewski.

“Cold and in a can,” said Gibbs.

Favorite Pastimes

“I golf, I mow the lawn and drink beer, I’m an adult. Shit, I’m 40 years old, “ said Wasilewski.

Gibbs said he plays lots of video games including Black Ops 3 on Xbox One. He also gardens at home and grows tomatoes, peppers and herbs in his garden.

What is your political stance on the upcoming election?

“We are on the campaign trail this summer, our campaign is to Make Warped Tour Great Again, that’s why we are doing the Warped Tour and why we came out here. So far our campaign has been a success,” said Wasilewski. He also stated,“ I would vote for this table over Donald Trump. Our stance as a band is anyone but Trump.”

“We’re just a fun band to escape from things,” said Gibbs.


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