Korn Performs at The Paramount Huntington 12/8/14


During holiday season, the quaint Village of Huntington, Long Island is dressed up much like a Norman Rockwell painting. It is safe to say, the only thing missing was hot chocolate served by mom. Inside The Paramount, however, it was a different scene: Nu metal/hard rock band Korn was prepping to rock our eardrums!

After a 20-minute or so delay, the eager crowd whipped themselves into a frenzy all the while shouting “We want Korn” over and over again. It was Korn they got. Lead singer and Korn frontman Jonathan Davis began his heavy scat sounds to a thrilled audience.

Music speaks a universal language. At a time when we seem to be getting ripped apart at the seams, music can bring us a little closer. As crowd-surfing bodies get passed overhead, or bang into each other while moshing, unity and trust is forged. Friends, acquaintances and strangers hurl their bodies and limbs at each other driven by the infectious bass line.

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korn paramount huntington long island

Jonathan Davis at The Paramount Huntington on December 8, 2014

We spent the night casually talking music with a group hailing from Germany, and another one visiting from Japan. Well we talked music, as they passed my large frame overhead (Yes, I crowd surfed! Not condoning it at all.) I was dropped unceremoniously and helped up by Long Island’s Craving Strange lead guitarist Matt Abbate. During Korn’s performance, we all become one big family looking out for each other.

The current music scene is, quite arguably, a bit boring. Bands are like copies of copies, and something is simply missing. That something is a message. I miss the hayday of Korn and their message of inadequacies, or RATM’s politically inspired diatribes, or even Soundgarden who can make depression sound pleasant. Korn’s “Freak on a Leash” is the epitome of felling like an outsider. They were the sound of an entire Generation. The lost Generation. Generation X.

The Paramount has some fantastic shows booked for the remaining month and new year. Rockers Chevelle and Buckcherry will be taking the sage this week, followed by Chris Issac and none other than the Misfits. Other notable acts include Taking Back Sunday, comedians Dennis Miller and Jim Bruer. Especially as a Long Islander (or nearby neighbor), it is only fitting you celebrate music, life and unity at The Paramount Huntington.

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