Last Stop- Connolly Station


I am a fan of authenticity. Nothing makes me happier than an ethnic restaurant full of people of that ethnicity working in it. I hate Sushi restaurants with a blonde haired blue eyed host- even worse is a forced or awkward accent. I want to straggle some waiter who says “calamari” instead of “GAL-la-mar.” That’s why I love Connolly Station in Bay Shore. Connolly Station is the Irish pub of Irish pubs.


All pubs pour Guinness. It’s a staple on most taps. All bar pour Jameson or Bushmills. The reason is because they are really good products. What is different here is atmosphere. The Irish Brogues can be heard from the parking lot.

Most of us do not think of Irish food being as a great cuisine but Connolly Station got it right. They solved this problem by farming it out. They bought the best wings back to Bay Shore. Even Flow’s chef Danny Wiseman started slinging his wings in Connolly Station’s kitchen. This is the same Danny Wiseman who won second place NATIONALLY two years running for festival favorite in Buffalo. These were voted the second best wings in the NATION TWICE- and they are made in Bay Shore.


The beautiful thing about Connolly Station are the grounds. This is going to be a great summer in Bay Shore. The deck is simply amazing. The rear grounds houses a volleyball net. I am looking forward to that!

– Teacht mar fhagann strainséiri mar chaire

-Come as strangers leave as friends

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