Legendary Barber Pacino Chats With LIB About The Tricks of the Trade!


Modern day America is full of subcultures. Most cultures link like-minded, goal oriented people that display their passion for niche markets. A lesser-known but equally important culture are barbers. No one has come to the forefront in this culture on Long Island quite like Pacinos from West Palm Beach, Florida.

Eric “Pacinos” Roa is currently taking his Pacinos Tour 2014 around this country. Recently he made a pit stop in Hauppauge, NY. Eric, who is known around the country as “Pacinos,” is a celebrity barber. He has had the opportunity to cut celebrities like Sean “P. Diddy” Combs, Ludacris, Kevin Hart and Jay Z. Pacinos is Wahl’s platform artist and educator. He has been honing his craft since 15, and is a professional, not only with a clipper in his hand, but in life.

The Holiday Inn Express in Hauppauge was sold out with folks waiting to hear Pacinos speak. He spent an hour discussing technique, drive, and marketing practices to all in attendance. I am not a barber, nor do I have the desire to pick up a set of sheers, but I walked out gaining new perspective. The way Pacinos described blending traditional-based marketing, along with social media awareness and his hybrid version of connecting with people is genius. Personally speaking, as a graduate of LIU- CW Post with a Bachelor’s Degree in business with a minor in finance, I was able to take a lot of information away. The best part of Pacinos’ tour was that he wasn’t lost in industry jargon or theory. Rather, he was very results-orientated and freely offered his experiences.

We recruited Eli DaBarber from ScissorSalute™ to conduct an interview with the man of the hour, Eric “Pacinos” Roa.

Pacinos has released the Pacinos App Volume 2 on iTunes available on the iPhone and Android devices. This app teaches barbers all the “tricks of the trade.”

Culture is an integral part of American landscape. Nothing exemplifies the Barber culture quite like a quick, high grade fade that was done in the signature gold tools offered by Pacinos.

The barber subculture is alive and well, courtesy of Pacinos.

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