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OCD Moosh and Twist at Amityville Music Hall 6/26/2014

Twenty-one year old Philadelphia natives, Moosh and Twist, of hip-hop group OCD, dropped by Long Island’s Amityville Music Hall this past Thursday, June 26th.  The performance was one of several stops in their national tour to promote their EP, Living Out Loud, which was released on April 22, 2014, and is currently for sale on iTunes.

OCD Moosh and Twist

LIB Magazine and Dinner Land had the pleasure of meeting the artists after their high-energy set at Amityville Music Hall on June 26th.

What surprised LIB and Dinner Land most about Moosh and Twist?  The way they worked the crowd.  The lively duo – friends since the first grade – had some serious on-stage chemistry, and had the whole venue on their feet.  They maintained a youthful, exhuberant stage presence, and were cool enough to give LIB and Dinner Land a video shoutout after all the turn up was through. 

All in all, our vote is for OCD; their fresh spin on hip-hop, killer stage presence, and down-to-earth demeanors make them a crowd favorite.  Check out the duo’s music and bio at

Diggin’ Moosh and Twist and want to learn more about OCD?  Let us know your thoughts below.  

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OCD Moosh and Twist


High Energy, Great Stage Presence, Dynamic Duo Charisma

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