LIB Media

Are you a local company, artist, or brand in Long Island or beyond?  LIB Media firm is ready to help your work stand out in front of thousands of fans and professionals in your area.   LIB boasts an in-house studio right here on Long Island, where brands can reserve space to make music videos, tutorials, advertise your event or even host a party for your brand at our headquarters.  Film music videos and tutorials, set up a photo shoot and advertise with the help of our high energy photographers, videographers and writers.

  • Events promotion on Long Island and vicinity
  • Host a party at LIB Headquarters
  • Photography and videos in our in-office studio at LIB Headquarters
  • Advertising with banner ads on LIB Magazine front page
  • Spotlights on music artists and visual brands

Contact LIB Media studio for rentals, photography and videography or to host an event with us!

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