LIB Mixtape: Spotlight on Birthday Cake


LIB Magazine is in the studio, and about to shine a light on some of Long Island’s finest artists. Born from a desire to bring credit to Long Island’s creative music scene, the LIB Mixtape covers multiple genres and features the cutting edge talent of many of your favorite local musicians and producers.

Big plans are in store, including local radio play, national exposure and a concert showcasing the artists. The Mixtape is still in the production phase and new talent is welcome to try out. In the end, there will be 12 tracks in total.

The LIB Mixtape release date will be announced soon, but in the meantime read on to learn about our participating artists. And stay tuned for more spotlights in the coming days.

Being caught between genres has been challenging for BDC. “We haven’t really chosen one side or the other. We want to cover both grounds,” they said. Doing both genres does give them options. “We can do your super hip-hop and give you those records, and we can also give you an indie feel.”

BDC says that they produce music like a factory. “We’re like a well-oiled machine. Our ideas keep coming.”

BDC’s goal is to live happily creating music. BDC puts out about one youtube video a week and have been doing so for about a year now. They have over 70 videos currently on there youtube page with more being produced. For now, they are busy with their TV episodes. Check it out! My personal favorite is Episode XIII because of its indie-film theme. What’s yours?

“We’re like a well-oiled machine. Our ideas keep coming.”

Birthday Cake is: Blue Magic and Shakezilla
Ages: 24 and 25
Hometowns: Astoria, Queens and New Hyde Park
Genres: Hip-Hop, Indie

This Birthday Cake isn’t for eating. BDC, a hip-hop and indie fusion group has made its mark on Long Island by coming out with a new album and ranking top 10 in a competition with Hot 97.

BDC has performed at college shows, including Rutgers, St. Johns, Temple, Boston University, and Baruch. They have also performed at Webster Hall and Time Square Art Center.

Red Hot Chili Peppers, Eminem, Tupac, Kanye West, and Guns & Roses influenced the band. BDC is unique because of its hip-hop and indie mix, a combination that isn’t seen too often. “We’re all over the place because we cover a lot of ground,” said Blue Magic. “We’ve been on all sides of the board.”

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