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LIB Magazine is back in the studio and ready with the spotlight for our final featured Long Island artist! Born from a desire to bring credit to Long Island’s creative music scene, the LIB Mixtape covers multiple genres and features the cutting edge talent of many of your favorite local musicians and producers.

Big plans are in store, including local radio play, national exposure and a concert showcasing the artists. The Mixtape is still in the production phase and new talent is welcome to try out. In the end, there will be 12 tracks in total.

The LIB Mixtape release date will be announced soon, but in the meantime read on to learn about our participating artists and stay tuned for more “Spotlights” in the coming days.


Jamie Schuler
Age: 21
Hometown: Wantagh and Rockville Centre
Genre: Pop/Soul

I’ve always been writing and singing though—I wrote my first 3 albums all in one day when I was five.”

While it can be difficult to break into the music industry in the traditional manner, more and more young independent artists are turning to websites such as YouTube and Facebook to generate a fan base. Thanks to the rise of social media, it’s now easier than ever to help get one’s music out on the Internet and hopefully, by word of mouth and a bit of marketing skills, increase viewership to one’s accounts in the hopes that they’ll like what they hear and in turn, help to promote your work.

LIB Magazine was lucky enough to sit down with one such up and coming artist: Jamie Schuler, who is currently a third year student at Molloy College in Rockville Centre and Majoring in Music Therapy and Minoring in Psychology in the hopes that she can increase her skills not only with other people, but as a musician as well. Michael Nixx, another LIB Mixtape artist whom we recently highlighted, has featured Schuler on one of his “Freestyle Friday” clips as well.

While she credits both her major and minor as having a positive impact as an artist and helping to push her sound to a new level, Jamie knows that it is really the power of social media networking sites that will ultimately help her achieve her goals as a musician, although she admits that as of right now, all she has time for is Facebook and YouTube.

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“…I like to sit down, learn the song and record it all in one night. I usually listen to the song a few times, pull up the chords, and then just play it over and over until it sounds good.”
-Jamie Schuler

Jamie’s story begins when she was a junior in high school. I started playing the guitar in 11th grade and I taught myself by looking up chord charts on the computer. I’ve always been writing and singing though—I wrote my first 3 albums all in one day when I was five,” jokes Schuler. However, her journey as a guitarist would have never happened had she not stumbled upon a fellow Pop/Soul singer’s YouTube page. “A few years ago, I decided to learn to play the guitar because I found a girl on YouTube named Alyssa Bernal, that had such a similar voice to mine, and I thought to myself, “What makes this girl better than me?” She could play the guitar and I couldn’t. So I watched a few of her videos, looked up how to play the chords and learned her original songs and posted the covers. Her videos were simple, just like mine, sitting in her room playing acoustic. A few months later, she was signed by Pharell and started doing big things.” Jamie explains.

This tactic also helped her increase her own views on her personal YouTube account as well. “One day Alyssa saw the cover I did of her song, ‘favorited’ it and commented:’You remind me of me. I love you, your voice, and your guitar! The views on the two videos increased thanks to her fans and it was just such a great compliment from the girl that I was inspired by in the first place.” Schuler gushes.

Although Jamie admits that she’d love to be able to write more original music, she’s leading an incredibly busy lifestyle. She juggles between being a full-time student, working part-time for about 20 hours a week, plays rugby, and divides the rest of her time between her schoolwork, her internship, and her music. “It takes a lot less time to sit and learn a popular song to cover fast, than to sit down and write a good song.” Schuler says. “Especially since I like to sit down, learn the song and record it all in one night. I usually listen to the song a few times, pull up the chords, and then just play it over and over until it sounds good.” However, even if there are a few mistakes when she covers a popular song for her devoted YouTube fans, Jamie says that she doesn’t mind. “I like this because if I don’t drill the original song into my head, I end up making up some of the parts I don’t remember and it gives it a little more originality.”

Despite the fact that Jaime admits that she’s having “withdrawals” from not being able to write as many original songs as she’d like, she’s currently in the studio and will be able to surprise her fans with some new tunes. Right now, I am recording a track with Ray Sullivan from Faith Funded Studios for the LIB Mix Tape.” Schuler elaborates.

With her busy schedule, Schuler has not been able to book “big” gigs right at this moment. However, keep an eye out on her social media page. “I do have a few little shows booked on campus.” adds Jaime.

With the buzz surrounding the LIB Mixtape and Jamie’s new song, her social media accounts will soon be filled with updates about where you can hear her new tunes and possibly information on a new show as well!

Be sure to keep your ears peeled for Jaime Schuler’s song on the LIB Mixtape and if you want to keep up with her, you can check out her Facebook and YouTube pages too! 

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