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Here we are, once again!
LIB Magazine is back in the studio, shining a light on some of Long Island’s finest artists.

Born from a desire to bring credit to Long Island’s creative music scene, LIB would like to introduce some of the freshest talent from around your local neighborhoods. Today we’re bringing you an up-close and personal look at one solid trio from out in Suffolk County and we’re sure you’ll be hooked on their awesome beats in no time!

Nice and iLL is: Chris Mills (Ceemizz), Joseph Jack (Joey Jack), Jason Yarde (J Yard)
Ages: 25, 26, and 26
Hometown: Freeport, NY
Genres: Rap, Pop

Nice and iLL is an up-and-coming group on the Long Island music scene. They have worked hard on their most recent projects, both promoting and making music videos. One labor of love from all that work is the six-track Christmas Mixtape the trio released last year.

Nice and iLL uses elements from both hip-hop and pop to achieve their unique sound. They compare themselves to Gym Class Heroes, the Black Eyed Peas and the Beastie Boys.

  • image: courtesy of Nice and iLL

It’s not always about talent, but working one hundred percent of the time and putting everything into it.

“We try hard to fit into a certain category of music,” says Ceemizz. “It’s good and bad. Sometimes we’re at hard-core hip-hop shows and we’re more ‘pop-y’. And vice-versa.” However, they also see this as an advantage because they can get into both kinds of venues.

Ceemizz, Joey Jack and J Yard started working together after Chris and J were blown away by Joey Jack’s singing abilities. Joey Jack was going to school for opera at the time, while J and Chris were rapping.

Nice and iLL’s accomplishments include a successful album called Chasing Fame, winning several showcases, including one in Times Square and appearing on 90.3FM, WHPC. The group has also performed with Fat Man Scoop and Sean Kingston.

The guys plan on continuing to promote themselves and spread their name. “We’re packaging our stuff the best we can, trimming the fat and getting everything squeaky clean,” says Joey Jack. “It’s easy to get yourself on the internet, but harder to get into the store.” He adds that artists should remember that it’s not always about talent but working one hundred percent of the time and putting everything into it.

Ceemizz says that the ensemble’s location in Long Island, as well as their label’s location in New Jersey, will be an advantage into making it big. “If we can work together, we can sandwich New York City and take it from there.”

You can check out Nice and iLL’s music and keep up with all their news -especially for their summer shows- through the following outlets:

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