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LIB Magazine is once again the studio, and about to shine a light on some of Long Island’s finest artists. Born from a desire to bring credit to Long Island’s creative music scene, the LIB Mixtape covers multiple genres and features the cutting edge talent of many of your favorite local musicians and producers.

Big plans are in store, including local radio play, national exposure and a concert showcasing the artists. The Mixtape is still in the production phase and new talent is welcome to try out. In the end, there will be 12 tracks in total.

The LIB Mixtape release date will be announced soon, but in the meantime read on to learn about our participating artists. And stay tuned for more spotlights in the coming days.

Vanilla Ghost House is:
Wes Sullivan, Joey Nappi and Dylan Brown

Ages: 16, 16 and 18 respectively
Hometowns: Mastic Beach (Wes & Dylan), Holbrook (Joey)
Genres: Indie/Alternative

I met the guys of Vanilla Ghost House at a local café in Centereach. The band’s three members, Joey Nappi, Dylan Brown and Wes Sullivan enjoyed smoothies while we talked about the group’s accomplishments and history.

VGH is in the midst of recording a new album and has been working hard since early in the year to get things done in the studio. They also plan on booking shows in New York City and working with fellow Long Island artists, Birthday Cake, whom we recently featured in another LIB Mixtape piece, which you can read here.

The band started when the members met in school and a church youth group. Brown, the singer and guitarist of VGH, describes the three as “musical soul mates.”

“Dedicating your whole self to something you’re passionate about is a challenge.”

Many types of genres and ideas influence the group. “Everyone plays differently and in their own way,” says Brown. “Your interpretation becomes your own style and you have your own sound that way.” VGH has already worked with several studios around Long Island, along with bass player Wes’s older brother Rayonthetrack. The group used their unique sound to win the Sachem Battle of the Bands last year. The competition had a lot of bands vying for first place and the group worked hard to win.

The Battle of the Bands win, coupled with constant practice, keeps the band close. “We grow stronger as friends everyday,” says Sullivan. The success doesn’t come without its challenges though. “Really making time is a challenge,” says Nappi. “Dedicating your whole self to something you’re passionate about is a challenge.”

Despite the time commitment, the band says that the work pays off. “Its very organic the way we make music,” says Brown. “Its very natural, it feels good.”

Nappi agrees, and adds that his band-mates bring him up when he feels down. “Our music is a stress reliever. We feed off each other’s minds,” he says.

VGH had a successful year, but Sullivan promises that there’s more to come. He says, “We’re going places and doing great things.”  In some respects this is already coming quite true for the group, as Vanilla Ghost House just recently made it to the regional finals for Long Island in the Break Contest (sponsored by the Skate and Surf Fest,) which was held at Revolution Hall in Amityville this past Monday, April 28.

Make sure to look for Vanilla Ghost House’s exclusive track on the LIB Mixtape! You can keep up with the band through their official Facebook page and you can also check out their YouTube channel!

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