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vbUDwkgDDTTDrKox1ugjkGT68aIjTqhQJYvxq0Cz220,5r4qqqdD4JBSiI0TuJymwQmSLqm7OWR25KMO-NSdM5E,Q7JPUP7iDaH_mgN3ZTvKdHmdQ8dzHcylyCYPbeVoUAwThe comedic quartet of Sal, Murray, Q and Joe have spanned a eventful hidden camera comedy television series called “Impractical Jokers” for four seasons. In celebration of their 100th episode the Jokers choose New York City’s South Street Seaport as the backdrop for their most daring punishment yet- Live Punishment.


The jokers will walk a five story high tight rope. To prepare, Bello Nock, a Ringling Bros. circus clown and “world’s greatest dare devil”, provided training and tips on successful tightrope walking. The challenge had a charitable element, the joker who walked the furthest got a $50,000 donation to the charity of their choice. The event was hosted by comedian Howie Mandel, who got the crowd excited and introduced the Jokers.

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Sal, Mur, Q and Joe ran to the stage and greeted the New York crowd and fans at home. Sal said this was their most special moment of their careers as this was their first ever live punishment, and was shocked by the massive turn out of people. First up to walk was Mur, who any fan of the show knows is petrified of heights. While the other jokers were taunting and cheering him on, Mur walked a total of 9.7 feet. Next up was Sal who took the longest to get on the high wire platform. After a small dance five stories high, and the fans screaming his name, he walked a total of 9.5 feet before falling off. Joe was next and was wearing his signature “Caption Fat Belly” costume, as a punishment due to being the night’s biggest loser. Joe, who was voted by the fans to walk the furthest, went less than five feet. Q was the last participant of the tight rope. To everyone’s surprise Q walked victoriously across the whole tight rope. The best part of the show was hearing the reactions of all the other jokers excited for Q’s victory. Mur’s signature yell was echoing through the speakers. Q won $50,000 dollars for this charity “Tunnels to Tower Foundation”, and the other jokers all got a whopping $10,000 donation for each of their charities.

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L7etlIoZhc2UGScWLXT1woC_vBOeZHa9hb11dekIZRs,Z8wqIXtKzDab7cbmF9d0fhNKBgMknAGYhFr0tA7weIU o-YhcxEorV1jQB-Qu3_NklOe8eddWYm9w-Qcd9D3q6U,lKyXdySadyPgihXaWkAB--ruXzYXz6_A0Kn1QhOKxqI,u4INH7G6PKxCLeS9Q2B5uZrxjjeQsrG6dPNF2HOz3nY,ka5NtZVdxVMzgFlhno38dQovd2mMv5j0oOFAx6SPanM,3DC8CMvc5LPKv6u1JIVXQ7xL3DAll of the Jokers, Howie and Bello embraced one another for a group hug for a successful show. They all thanked the fans that were there live as well as the at home audience. They came, they walked, they conquered their fears for a good cause. Fans cannot wait for the next season of hi jinks from the Jokers.






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