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I don’t understand why Nassau County has no real local music scene. Outside of Mr. Beery’s and KJ Farrells the scene is on life support. Nassau is home to the two large live music arenas- Jones beach and whatever they call Nassau Coliseum now. Places that support live music like the aforementioned Beery’s, KJ’s and The Rail need our support. We are missing some incredible music! Recently Bellmore’s KJ Farrells hosted a few of Long Island’s best- Craving Strange, Revel 9 and All New Episode.


All New Episode was amazing! Lead singer Noko sounded fantastic. Sean, Eammon, Doug and Sidewalk Mike were on point. I’ve seen ANE before and they have made considerable strides. I’ve never really understood Ska/ pop punk before but I’m getting closer to getting it. Be on the lookout, ANE is planning on releasing a new album soon. Be on the lookout for it!

I’m partial to Revel 9. They are by far my favorite local band… Actually they are my favorite band period- regardless of geography. Revel 9 speaks to me. I understand. Life isn’t rehearsed, it’s gritty, it’s flawed. That’s R9. There is a sense of pain and loss in the voice of DJ Pearlman. There is the understanding that you did the best you could but somehow it’s not good enough, deep inside his voice. Then you add the intense riffs Kaz adds and you know life goes on, and dwelling on the losses means you miss out. Tony and Noodle remind you not to be careless. There is a good fight ahead of you. For me, Revel 9 represents the freedom that music affords us. That’s why we love it so much.







On the flip side Craving Strange is a polished diamond. They are Local Music royalty, and for good reason.Jimmy G is not only a talented frontman, but a great lyricist. Every note has been thought about, every word chosen. Every video is flawless. Frankie, compliments Jimmy incredibly well. He plays guitar with a purpose. Franke is like a surgeon, he does not miss a beat.

Local music speaks to us. It speaks to the issues we deal with. It gives us a voice. Support local music.

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