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Lately the world has been focused on the differences that divide us. Politics, economic status and issues like that separates us. Let’s take a moment to discuss what unites us. For me the biggest element of togetherness is music. Music binds us. Last Saturday at the Crooked Rail, music did just that.

In the past few years, my attention to music has shifted from the mainstream garbage that is played on the radio to the unpolished diamonds that is local independent music. Local music addresses the issues that are more relevant to us. It has a sound that defines us. It is unquestionably the biggest unifying force. The only problem is, since Even Flow closed last year no venues has stepped up to give music a home. Most venues prefer cover bands (I have no idea why). Enter East Northport’s The Crooked Rail. Michael, Lisa and Len have created a utopia on the north shore.

Flak Jacket

This night was billed as the lovely bartender Evelyn’s birthday bash. Music was provided by local heavyweights Sweet Tooth, LTOB, Flak Jacket and Craving Strange. These guys are Making Local Artists Great Again! There was a guitar raffle with proceeds to the American Lung Association. The night was epic!

The night kicked off with Sweet Tooth. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing them three or four times now and they keep getting better and better. John Sweet Tooth has an amazing voice but it feels like that are still finding their sound. I am excited to see where they go. They have the potential of being one of the bigger local acts.

John “Sweet Tooth”

Arty Last Turn off Broadway

If you never seen Last Turn off Broadway, make it a point to do so! They are energy incarnate. Vocal duties are split between Arty and Mike and they do it flawlessly. Their single “Hypocrite” is a banger. “Ego” is an anthem! Every time I’ve seen LTOB I can help but notice the Kool-Aid smile across my face.

Get the Fuck up!

Huntington’s Flak Jacket is probably my favorite local act. If pressed I would say my favorite musical acts all time would be Enigma, NYC legendary DJ- Sound Factory’s own Jonathan Peters and then Flak Jacket. My only regret with this show is lead singer Militia was corded. Normally Militia is like an ADHD kid without Ritalin. When Flak Jacket is on stage, make sure you lock the door to the rest rooms because you will get a visitor! Militia’s cord was long enough to make it outside Crooked Rail and serenaded Larkfield Ave. Great guys… great music.

Militia- Flak Jacket

Craving Strange is the gold standard of the Long Island sound. They are part heavy, part melodic. Their songs are catchy, but intensely personal. Singer Jimmy G and Guitarist Frankie G are showmen of the utmost respect. I’ve seen Craving Strange a dozen times or so. Every show is executed perfectly. I almost wish they failed once just to prove they are human, but they haven’t…

East Northport’s Crooked Rail has become the reigning champion of the local scene. They are not scared to promote original independent music. Drinks are stiff, the sound system fierce, and the atmosphere friendly. Now that they added a food trailer The Crooked Rail is complete. I enjoyed a chicken and beef taco that was as good as I ever had! The empanada left something to the imagination but that’s ok. My humble opinion The Crooked Rail is the best small stage in Suffolk!

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