Long Island’s Own Cass Dillon Loves You, and We Love His Music!


Cass Dillon’s new single I Love You and the accompanying video is a vacation for your ears and eyes. This past week, the Long Island born singer, songwriter and guitarist announced the release of his music video to the new single.

Dillon’s song and video have everything that today’s pop music needs more of – simplicity, purity and honesty. In a world where autotune is King and musicians like Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus compete for the “Most Outrageous Outfit” award, Dillon’s is a welcomed form of rejuvenation to listen to and to watch. In his video, Dillon walks through a country setting with peaceful front yards with beautiful landscaping and open meadows, while playing guitar.

“We are here for a very short time/and I just want you to know that I love you,” he sings in the chorus, which is heartfelt and memorable.

The catchy chorus might be compared to the style of Jason Mraz or Jack Johnson, but his single sets itself apart from the rest with its unique sense of serenity that resonates with his listeners.

Although the title of Dillon’s new single might seem like an overused phrase, the meaning behind his lyrics and inspiration behind his song are deeper than you may have realized upon your first listen. When his manager’s father passed away, Dillon wrote I Love You as a tribute to the importance of relationships with the meaningful people in our lives.  The lyrics in I Love You capture a universal feeling.

In a recent interview, Dillon responded to the positive feedback from his listeners after his single aired on a local Philadelphia radio station.


Photo Credit: Cass Dillon/Facebook

“This song means alot to me, so it’s amazing to hear that it’s already touched a lot of other people, too.” – Cass Dillon

“This song means alot to me, so it’s amazing to hear that it’s already touched a lot of other people, too,” Dillon said.

“It’s such a simple message to say ‘I love you’ but it’s something that sometimes gets lost in the everyday madness and distractions around us, that we forget the true power and meaning of the words,” Dillon continued.

Dillon has worked closely with Billy Joel and he has opened for Gavin DeGraw and One Republic. He performed The Early Show and on Katie Couric’s show Katie, both on and FOX’s The Second Cup Café and Friends Morning Show.

Look out for more from Cass Dillon. His music is worth a listen and you may become one of the many to fall in love with his sounds.

Stay up to date with Cass Dillon’s music by checking out his official website, which is also where you can watch his music video for I Love You. I Love You is available on iTunes, and don’t forget to follow Dillon on Facebook and Twitter, too!

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