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Part One 
Have you ever met people you knew instantly you would be connected to forever? I will never forget my first days of college: the freshman orientations, meeting tons of new people, being excited about leaving home, and all the other freedoms that come with fresh beginnings.

There were so many decisions those first few days. In the beginning, I wanted to pursue my degree in writing but was told I was a terrible writer and should quit by a professor, so I did. It wasn’t difficult since I only gave it up as my major and picked it back up as electives starting my second semester with a professional who wanted to mentor me, not be an unhelpful critic.

It was in Psychology 101 I would actually get to know Luisa Baptista, a classmate turned best friend of 21+ years. She sat across the room in a white babydoll tee and overalls covered in spatters of paint. Lu was an artist and analytical mind and it turned out we shared our passions for photography, poetry, and everything in between. Art, academics, and navigating milestones, heartbreak, and the rest of life’s oh-so-lovely lessons would bring and keep us together.

Luisa and I have continued to challenge and encourage each other; we’ve created mountains of art-stuff, which was either tucked away in journals at the bottom of our closets or on our hard drives, but in January 2018, Ms. Baptista took a leap of faith in her art and exhibited four original line drawings at the Blue Door Gallery in her hometown of Yonkers, Westchester, N.Y.

The drawings are named for the seasons, lines woven into subtle shapes, reaching from within the corners of each frame, reaching out to be seen, explored, picked out. What do you seen within the seasons? Do any patterns become a treasure map for a spiritual journey? Do the seasons evoke nostalgic memories? Do autumn and spring inspire in the same ways? What do you read in between the lines?

Feel free to discover more of Luisa’s art projects on social media: IG & FB: @Luisa_Vibes or contact her with questions at LuisaVibes@Gmail.com. If this exhibit is any indication of a beginning chapter for Luisa’s art, then we can expect an artistic revolution in the days, months, and hopefully years to come. Based on my own creative experience, it’s nearly impossible to slow the roll of overflowing ideas once that floodgate is opened. Full speed ahead!

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