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Laura Alberts

I wasn’t sure what to make of The Lume Cube LED Light ($79.99) at first, but I soon realized this was a little light that packed a big punch! It’s great for macro work, night shooting, interviews, portraits, shooting in water, and is an all-around versatile light.


The Lume Cube is advertised for photo and video lighting, drone lighting, mobile lighting, and Go-Pro lighting, plus it is Waterproof to100ft.


The following is based on my DSLR camera usage:


Constructed with sturdy Aluminum Housing, The Lume Cube features 10 different intensity settings which are manually adjustable and emits up to 1,500 lumens. There is no hot spot with this daylight balanced light, and it will work for virtually any situation. The “Light-House Diffusion Cage” fits perfectly around the light and has 4 small magnets that can attach 3 different diffusers: CTO Warming Gel Pack (4 differrent amber colors), Color Gel Pack (Red, Yellow, Blue, Green), Diffusion Bulb Pack, and Honeycomb Grid Pack (I tried two of the Color Gels, and they worked great for warming up skin tones).


The app controls multiple lights individually, and features two strobe options and a flash option as well. As soon as you download the Lume-X app available for android or iOS and power The Lume Cube on, you will receive a message that your Lume Cube was discovered and prompted to register by entering your name and email.

There is a slight lag when controlling the intensity of light from the app, but nothing that is a deterrent.

You can also check battery level from the app, plus you can use a wireless charger. It is rechargeable via micro usb, and fully charges in about an hour.

At only 1.5” cubed, the versatility of The Lume Cube allows it to be mounted several different ways. For my photography purposes I found it was very easy to transfer the light from the hotshoe mount with 360 degree ball head, to a gorilla pod, to light stand, and then hand held.

This light has elegance in its simplistic design that makes it adaptable to almost any situation. I plan to have an army of these Lume Cube’s to take with me on every shoot.

-Charges quickly and can be charged while in use 
-Extremely portable 
-Waterproof up to 100 ft 
-Can be controlled manually or via Bluetooth from iPhone or Andriod app
-Daylight balanced 
-No hot spots
-All accessories are designed to be stacked magnetically and interchanged quickly
-Can be mounted to virtually anything. 
-Does get very hot while in constant use  
-Minor lag in app 
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