Lupe Fiasco And Stalley At The Paramount Presented by Hot 97


Stalley Performs The Paramount in Huntington NY

Lupe Fiasco Stalley Crowd at the Paramount Huntington NY

  • Lupe Fiasco The Paramount Huntington NY

    Lupe Fiasco at The Paramount in Huntington, NY. (Photo by Joshua Morrison; Edit by Christopher Ryan)

Hot 97 FM hosted hip hop artist Lupe Fiasco along with Stalley and friends at The Paramount on Friday the 13th.

In the days where style and passion is essential to break free, Stalley and Lupe Fiasco bring ‘em both to the table. There are a lot of different sounds coming from these gentlemen, which creates a wholesome listening experience. You may hear a sample from an old jazz record one minute and a deep bass kick of the 808 in the next — that’s the beauty of hip hop music. Learn the form, vary the form, transcend the form.

Stalley, an Ohio native, has a powerful presence on stage. He’s a cool groove in hip hop music, and his honey flow and alternative style is paving the way for a new era of hip hop.

Fiasco, a Chicago native known for his anti-establishment attitude and originality, often blends traditional hip hop musicianship with a cerebral message to break-through the static. In an interview with Stephen Colbert Fiasco said, “I always criticize power. Even if you agree with power, you should criticize power.”

The message here is: Stalley and Fiasco showed originality on Friday as people who know how to bring the ruckus and the party together all-in-one. See the full photo set of Stalley and Lupe Fiasco at the Paramount on LIB Magazine’s Facebook page.

Were you at the Paramount on Friday the 13th? Leave your food and liquor in the comments.

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