Melody Rose Jazzes Up Long Island – and the World – with New EP


Melody Rose might just be the next big thing – not only for Long Island, but the entire world.  The soulful, eclectic pop songstress from Huntington, LI very recently announced her self-entitled EP, Melody Rose has finally hit the airwaves!   Despite growing up in the presence of rockers like Bruce Springsteen and David Bowie, Melody also studied jazz and is classically educated in music – enabling her to “write or cowrite” every song on her new album.

 How did you begin a career in music?

Melody: My mother was a singer in several different bands.  In 1994, she took me to Woodstock to watch her opening performance!  Even as a young child, I had an inspiring look at the music industry.  My dad and stepmother also work as concert transportation for acts like Billy Joel, Springsteen and Aerosmith, so being front row in the VIP section was a part of my childhood.  In fact, I remember Grateful Dead as being my very first concert!

WOW.  You must have met tons of fabulous musicians then.

Melody: This past Summer, I accompanied my dad to Billy Joel’s Fourth of July party.  After the fireworks, [Joel] and I jammed out – sang harmonies and even covered some Beatles’ songs!  It was totally surreal.

I have also met U2, and my stepmother’s father is Felix Cavaliere of The Rascals.  One of my favorite people to meet was David Bowie – he is so incredible.

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Songstress Melody Rose spent her childhood front row with some of the world’s greatest classic rock artists.


Have any of the above artists played a hand in learning to write your own music? 

Melody:  Well, studying jazz for seven years and growing up around very successful music artists all have inspired me.  I wrote or cowrote every song on my EP with the help of my boyfriend and college friends.  I like to have a hand in every song on the album,

Any tour dates coming up?

Melody:  I have booked performance dates with Reverbnation through March, several along the East Coasst.  I will also be at this year’s Millenium Music Conference in PA, and very possibly SXSW too!

Where do you see yourself five years from now; still working in music?

Melody:  I recently finished my Masters Degree in Music Composition from CW Post.  I am also working on a composition project called “Cities”, which documents my love for travel and places I’ve been.  Perhaps it will be a second.. or third album.

Listen to the Melody Rose’s premiere EP here and follow Melody on Facebook!

Twitter and Instagram @Miss_MelodyRose

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