Mermaid Fest 2021 Cancelled


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Dear Friends of Coney Island USA:

It is with sadness that we announce the cancellation of the 2021 Mermaid Parade.

When we set the September date, we hoped that the Parade, the largest art parade in the nation and a point of civic pride for Coney Island, would represent a return to normalcy. Unfortunately, COVID-19 is not finished with us quite yet.

The Parade draws hundreds of thousands to Coney Island every year, including large numbers of children, many crowding onto mass transit for the ride out to Stillwell Avenue. It is the centerpiece of the CIUSA calendar, and we are very proud of the positive impact that the Parade has on our Coney Island community. However, the risks to our sponsors, patrons, community, and our wonderful staff—who have risen to every challenge—were too much to bear.

We are all disappointed and apologize to those of you who, like us, were looking forward to this annual celebration of life, creativity, and togetherness, post-2020.

Please be assured that the Mermaid Parade will return in 2022, better than ever!

In the meantime, help support Coney Island USA by attending one of our ticketed events, becoming a member, and above all—BY GETTING VACCINATED!!


from the Officers and Directors of Coney Island USA

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