Must-Try Wölffer Estate Vineyard LoRo Mojito Recipe


Get ready for Wölffer Estate Vineyard No. 139 LoRo Cider, it’s the perfect low calorie, low alcohol spritzer. Similar to their classic Dry Rosé Cider, it has a crisp refreshing taste with a twist of lime and mint.



No. 139 LoRo Dry Rosé Cider

Wölffer Verjus

Quarter of a lime with rind removed

3-4 slices of fresh ginger

5 mint leaves

Recipe Steps

Add lime, ginger, mint, and ½ oz of Verjus into a cocktail shaker.

Thoroughly muddle ingredients.

Add Ice to shaker and shake well.

Pour into glass and top with 7 oz of LoRo Dry Rosé Cider.

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