Nicki Minaj’s Hilarious SNL Skits – Is She Acting Now?


Nicki Minaj is the woman to be right now. She has all eyes on her no matter the platform; music, movies, television or radio – you name it – Miss Minaj is in control. The Young Money alumni is making sure she’s solidified her spot in history. With her third solo album on the way and a night on SNL to highlight her comedic timing and approach, it seems she is priming up for something more and it’s clear she’s has the tenacity to capture an audience onstage or, perhaps, in a movie role.

nicki minaj beyonce snl

Nicki showed her humorous side in two sketches this past Saturday on SNL. One skit Minaj played Beyonce portrays the Virgin Mary, “This moment is about my baby boy. Behold,” she said about baby Jesus. She also sang, “He woke up like this! Flawless.” It just gives testament to her talents. The skit also featured Jay Pharoah as Baby Jesus, Sasheer Zamata as Rihanna and James Franco as Riff Raff. Nicki stole the show in her cleavage-revealing outfit that is as a part of Nicki’s fashion as her brown bottom.

nicki minaj snl kim kardashian

nicki minaj snl

Minaj’s second SNL skit was even more hilarious , giving her rendition of Kim Kardashian right after her “Break the Internet” fiasco for Paper magazine. Nicki captured the audience with her free flowing hair as she gave her the run down. Kim explains “completely misinterpreted” because the magazine didn’t use the right backgrounds.  Nicki is even kind enough to show us what the background was supposed to be, as the set cuts to a blackboard with a math formula – Kim was bent over in front of it.  Nicki’s oiled-up behind shows up as part of a Save the Environment campaign against the pipeline debacle. These roles, in addition to Minaj’s stint as a sassy secretary in The Other Woman displays her acting chops.

So what do you think? Would you watch her as a recurring role on your favorite primetime show?

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