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The only problem with life is death. Much like a cell phone, there is a planned obsolesces. Also like other electronics we are prone to viruses. Life is a precious, this is the only real thing all of us have, but there are complications. What we do when we are fortunate enough to have the “dash,” is what is important. Even Flow Bar and Grill in Bay Shore threw the Paul McEvoy Memorial Wings For Warriors fund raiser this past weekend.


Paul McEvoy (1982- 2014) served in the US Army’s 172nd Stryker Brigade Combat Team “Thunder Platoon.” He was one of the boys that kicked in doors looking for insurgents, protecting everyone else from snipers and what not. Paul passed from a heart virus last November, 2014.

DSC_0048I am saddened that I never had the pleasure of meeting Paul McEvoy, but I do enjoy sharing some of his friends. There is an old Biblical passage that reads “He that walketh with wise men shall be wise” (Proverbs 13:20)or in modern adage  “Show me your friends and I’ll show you yourself.” If that is true, and I believe it is, Paul was a sincere, honest and a hard worker. It is in his friends and family that Paul lives on.


A bike run from Bay Shore to Ocean Beach kicked off the festivities Saturday afternoon. The Police escort was a nice way to have Suffolk’s heroes celebrate our fallen hero. As the rolling thunder crossed the Robert Moses Causeway on their way to Oak Beach Inn the raindrops did not matter.

Even Flow’s doors swung open for the 5 o’clock show. Long Island’s best bands graced the most iconic small stage in Suffolk. We were impressed with Revel 9. I have seen Revel 9 about a half dozen times. This time it was a game changer. Revel 9 was better than usual, and regularly they are really good. Revel 9 was tighter, more focused Saturday night. For those who never heard Revel 9, they are the ultimate garage mechanic band. When they play and you can feel the grit under their finger nails, you can hear the hurt in their strings. A really special occurrence happened, between songs DJ was gifted a medal from an audience member and Veteran named CJ. Just very nice tribute for this type of event.DSC_0076






DJ (Revel 9) with CJ (Veteran)

DSC_0075I am a fan of when bands cover songs. It’s a way to connect to the crowd thru familiar lyrics, shows creativity, (if done right) and provided they cover the proper song leaves everyone with smiles. The caveat is, they have to own it. The cover can’t sound like a bad knock off. Revel 9’s cover of Lorde’s Royals was awesome. Let me repeat that because it bears repeating. Revel 9’s rendition of Lorde’s Royals was awesome. Check out Renegade Radio for proof, they live streamed the show.


DJ from Revel 9 (Photo by Sharon Downing) 



(Top) Revel 9 (Bottom) Last Turn Off Broadway (Photo by Sharon Downing)

Last Turn off Broadway, is heavier than Revel 9. They also brought their “A” game. We’ll get there is a great track. It’s beautifully uplifting, and the tandem mic play meshes nicely. Thy play next at KJ Farrells in Bellmore July 7th.


Last Turn Off Broadway (Photo by Sharon Downing)

DSC_0156Craving Strange is probably the most covered band on LIB, and its for a reason. Fresh off a tour of China, Craving Strange came back home. The four man band keeps getting better and better. If the perfect front man was a drink, it would be equal parts showmanship, and talent with a splash of presence and wild blue hair as garnish. In other words, Jimmy Gerovac is the ideal front man. Craving Strange is different than the other bands that played Saturday. The Strange are kind of poppy, with a touch of heaviness. Better yet, Craving Strange is the perfect 10 supermodel girlfriend you want to sleep with, but is saving herself for marriage. It makes you want her more, but you can’t stand the tease any longer.


Craving Strange

Sunday began Day 2. The only remedy for 8 hours of non stop music is more music! Sunday was time for bands like Gimme The Loot, Afterbirth and Blame the Sun. The lineup mad for a solid day 2.



Lee Lueken


Singer, Lee Lueken grabbed the microphone, and with that Blame the Sun’s set was on. Blame the Sun is a bluesy alternative type of band. It is a welcomed difference for the others that played. They are not afraid to rewrite the rule book.


The Paul McEvoy Wings for Warriors was a great success. Daniel Wiseman and the Even Flow staff raised well over $6,000 for this cause. All money raised is going to Pets for Vets. Pets for Vets takes dogs out of local shelters, trains them and give them to returning Veterans. Studies have shown pets may help veterans recover from PTSD. To help contribute to this cause please click here.


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