PHountain Lifestyle Detox Spa Recharges Long Island


Have you ever pondered the thought of living a proactive lifestyle rather than a reactive one? If so, the PHountain lifestyle is for you. Located in six different locations around Long Island, PHountain offers an array of services and products that allow clients to detox their body of impure particles, even chemicals found in air and in the foods we eat every day. image Upon entering PHountain, the staff provides newbies with a 30 minute “PHfountain Lifestyle” demonstration, where clients learn how certain foods contain a slew of processed and/or artificial ingredients. In addition, you also learn how the pH balance in your body can greatly affect your overall health. Food and drinks that contain high acidic levels score anywhere between 4-6 (neutral to high) on the pH scale and in alkaline test anywhere between 7-10. A good pH balance starts with healthy hydration and foods high in alkaline. Alkaline water, aka ionized water, helps neutralize stored acids and toxins which can then be eliminated from the body.  In this demonstration you will see how your favorite bottled water contain such a high acidic level. Phountain sells alkaline water in glass bottles and even offers home delivery. PHountain-goers can also learn about Green pHactor, Earth pHactor and Fiber pHactor, which are powdered blends of natural ingredients every body needs. The Green pHactor choice is packed with alkalizing vegetables rich with electrical energy for your cells to be at peak health while removing acids. PHountain has a selection of detox services to allow health-conscious gals and guys feel better physically and mentally. The spa’s Infa Red Sauna allows you to burn up to 700 calories in the 30 minute session. The Detox Foot Bath is a popular treatment that helps remove aluminum, toxins and heavy metal from the body. Jada Massage Bed projects far-infra red heat into the body to boost circulation and relax tense muscles. The great thing about the whole Phountain experience is that it puts you in charge. Instead of simply “dealing” with illnesses as they arise, Phountain puts its client in a position to take control of his or her life in a preventive way, which can lead to am existence that is dramatically healthier. I personally find a detox foot bath to be a totally calming and soothing experience, which I would recommend everyone try at least once.   Shoppers hint: The Detox Foot Bath on Groupon is worth taking advantage of!

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