PIÑAQ Liqueur Goes Viral!


PIÑAQ Liqueur super fans on TikTok, @j333nay and @Laurenagain, helped the brand grow from 4,000 to 40k followers immediately with their videos. The unique shaped pineapple bottle (which can be flipped to act as a stand) and testimony of the sweet delicious flavor helped attract new followers overnight. 5,004,800 views, 719,700 likes and 141,653 website visitors were excited about PIÑAQ Liqueur. @Laurenagain, who doesn’t even like Rosé wine, was hesitant about trying PIÑAQ Rosé and called it delicious. @j333nay combined her white wine with PIÑAQ Original (the gold pineapple) and loved this sweet liqueur.

Take the viral challenge and try TikTok’s hottest new beverage PIÑAQ Liqueur!

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