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This is an editorial piece and I do not speak for LIB Magazine on this topic at all, nor am I attempting to influence anyone’s vote. I am simply attempting to unravel primary politics as best I can. This Presidential race has been one for the ages. In my short time following politics this has been the most interesting race to date. Many of us feel that there is not a good candidate out there. In my humble opinion, every candidate is better than Donald Trump- but not by much. To easily access all candidates I have included links to their websites.

To believe the office of President, will profoundly change our personal lives is ridiculous. Any change to our collective lives is done more at the local level- congress, mayor, representative, whatever. But the Office of President sets a tone. It’s the backdrop all other politicians live to.

The biggest problems with politicians is insidious; it’s inbred. If politicians could manage in the private sector (Private business) they would. There is far more money to be made in the private sector than in public (Government). So we have a group of people leading us that have no idea how to survive in real life. They bat issues back and forth until it’s time to leave for the day. The ones running for president are the top of the pile of incompetence. Just like the old internet adage- garbage in, garbage out.


With New York’s primary set in a few weeks (April 19th), we come into the crosshairs. In terms of The Donald, the things I like about him are few but important. I like the fact he’s mostly self funding. He does take some donations from individuals but not from corporations. This means if he because President, big business does not have a direct line to the Oval Office. He doesn’t owe any corporation any favors. I also like that he’s the Chairman of a major company. This means he is, for lack of a better word, boss. He is comfortable in making decisions- good or bad. Those two are the only positives I see.

I find myself unable to vote for the Donald, Cruz or Hillary. The Donald is a blow hard without a plan. He’s all bluster and slogans but nothing of much significance. When asked about specific policy stances he deflects and slogans us into submission. Then when someone like Anderson Cooper calls him out he bullies him into the next topic. That is not Presidential- that’s schoolyard.

Hillary Clinton



Hillary reminds me of the used car salesperson of politics. I believe she is incredibly calculated. She will say or do anything to get that seat. I believe Chelsea was more of a political strategy rather than a child. For as good as Bill Clinton was, and I believe he was, Hillary is the opposite. For all the charm, and humor Bill had- Hillary has none of those qualities. And let’s not forget, she is a FBI Investigation away from being irrelevant.




The best thing Ted Cruz has going for him is Donald Trump. As The Donald gets all the heat, Cruz can just stand in the shadows. Every time Cruz quotes scripture (and he does a lot) I want to jab a rusty nail in my eye. He is the establishment…. But the establishment rejects him! I can not fathom how that is possible.


That leaves us with two mainstream choices. I say mainstream because there is the Libertarian Party and the Green Party. The last two mainstream candidates are John Kasich and Bernie Sanders. I truly believe John Kasich is a solid choice. The most solid choice by far. He is strong on policy. His is the only Governor left on the ballot. As a Governor he knows how to make a municipality work. He has a sample size- Ohio. Yes, it’s small but representative. That is more than any of the other candidates can say.

WASHINGTON, DC - MARCH 09: U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) waits to be introduced prior to his address to a National Press Club Newsmaker Luncheon March 9, 2015 at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. Sen. Sanders spoke on his life, his political career and his beliefs. (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Yes, Bernie Sanders is a self described “Democratic Socialist.” Do you like the Interstate System? Do you like Social Security? Large scale ideas and projects are socialist in nature. I love that he doesn’t take corporate money. I love that he’s not politics as usual. The two main problems I see with Sanders is he wants to tax the rich, by his words the “Fair Share.” What is the fair share? What happens when the rich change their spending habits? Without redistributing wealth the playing field will remain the same- some people will be wealthy and I will be poor. I also wish he was more versed on foreign policy. However, Sanders will be a better choice than Trump and Clinton.

My pick for President- John Kasich.

Who is yours? As a citizen you have one job. Be involved. Vote.

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