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LIB Magazine When did you get into painting?

Andres- In early 2005. After the passing of my grandfather in Puerto Rico, is the day I started to paint. I painted my first picture of a house that my grandfather and my Grandmother had once lived. The day of the wake, I had shown to my uncle and his first word is Wow, where did you purchase that from? It’s exactly like the house we all grew up in.  My response was no uncle I made it and I painted it from a picture memory. He was so surprised and other family members too. They all mention that I’m bless and to continue what you love.

LIB What does painting mean to you?

Andres- Painting life or painting from imagination creates a healthy state of mind, reduces stress and builds self-esteem. My mind becomes a carnival of abstract. My paintings are a combination of mixed media works that involve acrylic and applications of other mediums. My paintings are created to be defined by the viewer and to give the chance to explore.

LIB Favorite piece?

Andres- One of my favorite pieces is Zombie Apocalypse, It’s black and white with faces and images.

LIB Name an artist that inspires you?

Andres- There is a few: Luis Cajigas, Picasso, Jackson Pollock and  Peter Max

LIB What inspires you?

Andres- My Grandfather, My Family, My Heart.

LIB Anything new you working on?

Not at this moment, Job comes first and taking care of my family, In 2020 I’m sure something may come up. Stay tuned.

LIB Oil or acrylic paints?

I used acrylic, much easier to used and it dries quicker than Oil.

LIB Current show/ upcoming show?

Andres- Yes, I’m the Solo artist of the month in The Brickhouse Brewery. I have my first meet the artist on Friday, November 29th from 7 pm- 9 pm. I will also be the whole month of December as well.

LIB Favorite place you displayed art?
Andres- The White Room Gallery in the Hamptons,  2nd Martha Clara Vineyards.

LIB How important has social media been?

Andres- So very important, for example, LIB, FaceBook, Instagram and my website are part of my success in promoting my paintings and communicate with the people.

LIB Where can we find you?


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