Ready, Set, Race! Pole Position Raceway Farmingdale


Helmets strapped. Seat belts fastened. Pull the visor down into place. Rev the engine and wait for the green flag. Confidently glance to the right and see your friend. You know he has no chance- you are going to take him right off the flag.  Green flag waves, right pedal down… GO!  The tires squeal, and the go kart takes off. Bliss!  It is the ultimate racing bliss.

LIB Magazine got our race on at Pole Position Raceway in Farmingdale

LIB Magazine got our race on at Pole Position Raceway Farmingdale

Last week, the LIB crew headed to newly opened go kart racetrack, Pole Position Raceway in Farmingdale.  We strapped into the new Italian karts with capable speeds of up to 45 MPH. As the green flag dropped I raced around turn one, topped out at 45 MPH on the straightaway and slide around turn two. I once again reached top speed in an instant and lost control around the hairpin turn at turn five. After the eighth pass, I couldn’t place any higher than 6th.  My LIB compañero Josh placed 4th.. the very definition of disappointment.

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NASCAR nation right here on Long Island

Pole Position Raceway boasts two quarter mile tracks set side by side. They usually race individual tracks but on occasion they combine the two and let us rip the entire half mile track. Speaking of ripping the track they have beautiful Italian engineered go karts that can go as fast as 45 MPH. 45 is incredibly fast went you are sitting just two inches from the floor in a lightweight cart with the longest straightaway being less than 30 feet long. These karts are nimble. They slide into and out of the turns effortlessly.

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Farmingdale is Pole Position Raceway’s 12th indoor track.  With facilities that spread from down south to Jersey City, the raceways are very involved with various 501c charities. Last year they donated over $150,000 to various charities.  The organization is very community oriented and it is a pleasure to have them be part of our community.

Pole Position Raceway is located at 40 Daniel St, (off RT 110) in Farmingdale.. Now ready, set, RACE!!!

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