A Salute to Corey Taylor’s America 51


Corey Taylor, leader singer of the rock bands Slipknot and Stone Sour and bestselling author of Seven Deadly Sins, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Heaven, and You’re Making Me Hate You, released his newest book America 51: A Probe into the Realities That Are Hiding Inside “The Greatest Country in the World.” To promote the release of his book, Taylor performed an acoustic set, shared stories and answered questions at An Evening with Corey Taylor at Irving Plaza in NYC and spoke and signed copies of America 51 at Barnes in Noble in NYC and Book Revue in Huntington, NY.

“I had such a great experience writing You’re Making Me Hate You, then to come back to this ulcer of a book, by the time I was done I didn’t even look at it because I’m done with this. I’m absolutely proud that I did it. It took a lot of work, it took a lot of time, it took a lot of effort and it backed me up as a person. But I’m telling you right now the next one is going to be all dick jokes,” said Taylor.

Taylor’s message is a positive one, encouraging the American people to seek out someone who can represent our best interest and what is best for us as a nation. “I’ve had the privilege of being able to travel all over America and see a lot of amazing paces and people and the amazing regions that makes it multicultural, diverse, interested, corky, funny, werid.”  He believes there is a potential for all of us to get along and reminded everyone that “no one listens to you when you’re screaming unless you’re Slipknot.”

Pick up a copy of Core Taylor’s America 51, you won’t be able to put the book down!

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