ScreenGuardz Pure® With The Crown™ Premium Glass Protector: The Review



Curved displays have become the norm these days on all the latest phones and other tech devices. They make your phone sleek but with the sleek look comes a problem, more exposed glass around the edges which means even your best tempered glass protector isn’t going to give you the best protection, until now. Many companies have tried to come up with a solution but one HAS, our good friends at BodyGuardz. The ScreenGuardz Pure® With The Crown™ Premium Glass Protector.

Now with every Bodygurdz Pure you will get “The Crown”, a finely crafted aluminum bezel that seamlessly integrates with the Pure glass protector. The Crown fits perfectly on my iPhone 6 so that the transition from the aluminum edge to “The Crown” feels like it was designed to fit together.

I’ve been using “The Crown” for several days now and I love the aesthetics and feel it provides. I’ve always thought it was important to protect the full screen including the edges and not just the front. This product does exactly that on my iPhone 6. It’s super well-design and ease of install is nice for a guy who always botches screen protector installs. With their patented Express Align installation this has been avoided. Despite a thick glass protector the sensitivity of the screen has not been compromised at all. The only potential issues I have heard is that not all cases work well with the product. Personally this has not been an issue for me but I have heard others complain of this. If you go to the Bodyguardz website, they are addressing the issue. Overall  it’s a great product and seems like it will last long and provide great protection for the most important part of my iPhone: the screen.

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You currently can get the Crown for the iPhone 6 ($39.95), 6 Plus ($44.95), and Samsung Galaxy Note 4 ($44.95) in 3 colors, gold, silver and black. For more information, visit

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