Shop B-Lashes Boutique & Love, Lisa for a Double Shot of LI Style


Brittani ”B-Lashes” Schwartz from Long Island, NY, is making bold fashion choices with her B-Lashes Boutique. B-Lashes get ripped on about her style often, (her Vegas roommate, Antonio Locke referred to some of her outfits as ”the curtain,” “the napkin,”, “the ripped up garbage bag,” and “the human glow sticks” on Double Shot at Love Season 2.) 

”Putting on a t-shirt doesn’t make you fashionable, it makes you basic,” insists B-Lashes.

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B-Lashes was always the middle of the drama on the MTV ”Bachelor”-style dating show Double Shot at Love but was looking for a fresh start on Double Shot at Love Season 2. B-Lashes sought out Long Island jewelry designer, Lisa Zampolin, known for creating inspirational and fashion-forward jewelry, to design pieces for the B-Lashes Boutique.

On Double Shot at Love Season 2, B-Lashes is often seen wearing a Love, Lisa Evil Eye & Cornicello Horn Necklace and and Italian Horn Cornicello Stack to ward off evil and bad vibes. Cleanse negativity from your life, cultivate abundance, and avoid drama queens with this pepper pendant.

Shop B-Lashes Boutique & Love, Lisa for a Double Shot of Long Island style!

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