Spring Fashion, Through the Eyes of Bacon


The runways of Paris, Milan, and New York do not lie. The biggest thing in fashion is bacon. Sweet, salty, beautiful bacon. Make no mistake; couture fashion is riddled with layers of pink and white for Spring 2015.

The crunchy slice of heaven is all the rage lately. Memes are often based on clichés which are based, in part, on valid truths. Many memes state that men love bacon as much as women love wine.

I as a male, happen to love bacon with a side of wine.

We at LIB Magazine spend many a weekend supporting food and entertainment festivals along NYC and Long Island. We couldn’t help but notice the red carpet-worthy appearances in 2015, have been an endless devotion to bacon. We have noticed bacon costumes, hats, visors and the staple that is graphic tee shirts.

kid bacon costume

In the Junior Division, we were impressed with design concept of 10-year-old visionary dubbed the “Baconator.” He is the bacon superhero to the masses. Young Baconator’s purpose is simple: Spread love and bacon to adults and peers on Long Island.

bacon suit mens

In the Senior circuit, we were impressed with the “Bacon Stud.” The Stud wore a stunning two piece, single breasted bacon suit. No, this was not like Lady Gaga’s meat suit. It was a sizzling bacon colored cloth complete with black button down shirt and cap toe shoes. Note to the masses: When dealing with bacon in high fashion, simple, conservative accessories are necessary when dealing with bacon anything.

Bacon-themed graphic tees, albeit less fashion forward, were the rage. Bacon Vader’s “I Find Your Lack of bacon Disturbing” was spot-on. May the bacon be with you.


darth vader bacon graphic tee

Suffolk-based DistINKt Tees always bring their A-game to any Long Island food event or music festival. DisINKt has an awesome line of witty shirts, but the show stopper was the hoodie complete with kangaroo pouch and beer bottle koozie.

In terms of accessories, Ladies of the Flying Pigs spread their good will and fortune. The girls discuss social etiquette issues like eating bacon in the subway, bacon-nomics and the most importantly the consequences of sharing bacon. As they put it “If Sally has two pieces of bacon, and one gets stolen by John. John must die for eating her bacon.”

It makes sense, because nobody wants the entire pig for a strip of meat.

On May 2nd, the next boom will come to fruition: High fashion chicken wings. The runway will be at The American AirPower Museum in Farmingdale. As always, dress to impress.

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