Storytelling, The Introduction



Shortly after John’s acquisition of LIB Magazine, I asked if content was needed and how to go about submissions. We brainstormed some ideas and luckily, he wanted to pair photos he had seen on my Instagram to the stories I’d often spout off in our text convos; he asked I write from a personal point of view. This was exciting since I hadn’t written much in the past few years and half the things that happen to me often seem stranger than fiction. I need to share half the craziness I experience to see if any or some of these things happen to anyone else?

At this point, I have no outline or plan for what to write yet. My hopes are to connect images to the train of thoughts I ride when out exploring or to share the adventures I find myself in every time I step out. My bartending stories are endless and to an extent relevant to the street art series since I took so many photos on my commutes. If that should get boring or I run out of anything interesting to say, I’ll throw in the occasional dating story. Perhaps that could be my Halloween Horror Series; I have a catalog full of monster street art I could curate and pair each one with a date. How fun!

In this series, I’ve included some photos from walks over the Williamsburg Bridge back in 2011-12. I had no idea this hobby would grow into a lifelong photo project. It’s always fun to go back and see street artists have been doing this just as long.


Submit questions or suggestions for stories or topics or events or anything at all!

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Kelly's life trek started out in New York City. With a handful of luck, she's been mini globe-trotting, explored new landscapes, met extraordinary people, and has joyously lived in scenic spots like Puerto Rico and Salt Lake City. Her time is spent learning as much as possible about craft beer production, all things food, wine, coffee & tea, writing about personal experiences in fitness, music & travel, photographing some of NYC's infinite street art and interesting spaces, and celebrating life daily. To reach Kelly directly, drop her a line at!

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