Dorian Grey Gallery Presents Cope2, CRASH at Strada Veloce Speedy Street Art in NYC


Where do famed NYC street artists like the Bronx native Cope2, Bristol-born Nick Walker, John “CRASH” Matos, Stephen Lack and 5Pointz founder Meres One keep their most cultivated autos and furnishings?

Dorian Grey Gallery, of course.  Strada Veloce is the latest installment in #DGGStreetArt, originally introduced during Art Southampton when the pastel, lime and hot pink swirl-painted Ferrari was unveiled. It was the first handpainted “Auto Couture”, circa 2005 by CRASH and engineered by the famed Joe “Mac” LaPadula at Martino Auto Concepts of Glen Cove.

The Ferraris’ Long Island premiere set a precedence for the early Fall curation of this exhibition and remained parked in front for Strada’s opening reception on Thursday, September 18. The affair, hosted by accomplished founders and art dealers Christopher Pusey and Louis Accorsi, brought animated life to the cozy gallery, nestled at the center of 9th Avenue in the East Village of New York City.

A gleaming Maserati hood bearing Cope2’s signature of high-octane abstract colors is pellucid perfection. Nick Walker’s stenciled gentleman expressed its love for graffiti in a pinstripe suit as depicted on the metallic silver hood of a Ferrari F 430.

nick walker ferrari hood silver

Pinstriped gentleman paints a silver Ferrari F 430 hood by Nick Walker


Maserati hood painted by Cope2

Further automotive concepts were visualized as lifestyle decor; a Flock Design House loveseat tagged in graffiti by Meres One is already one of the most publicized collaboratives from opening night. Street art lovers (such as myself) must admit to wanting a painted couch such as this one for our own guests to oogle alongside custom drawers and an end table composed of Ferrari wheels.

Dorian grey gallery

Small autos on canvas by Stephen Lack hang over wooden and glass-topped decor

meres one couch stephen lack

Couch/loveseat by Flock Design House and painted by Meres One

Orange-painted decor in the name of Lamborghini makes for a sleek refrigerator, composed for a separate collection.

Happy with your current icebox? Consider one of several modular lamps who base consisted of auto parts, each shade colored to consist with the artists’ hoods. Such versatility in mediums makes it easy for a gallery regular to pick and choose the objects of greatest worth. However, the utility of this expressive exhibition can harbor enough fuel for persuading a single collector to exclaim, “I’ll take it all!”

painted helmet strada veloce

Pinup-decorated helmet puts the style pedal to the metal. Set atop a custom “racy” table in exotic yellow.

Cofounder Chris spoke earnestly about an upcoming Martino Auto/CRASH exhibition coming up in Glen Cove, stopping to greet a frequent Dorian Grey guest – an adorable English bulldog – with visible affection. He and Louis, whose history of art clientele includes Dolce & Gabbana, share a clear affinity for debuting some of the year’s most celebrated artisan trends – much of which is derived from spray paint and some finely-composed metal.

crash ferrarri hood red

Strada Veloce is at Dorian Grey Gallery through October 5; Tuesday – Saturday 12-7p and Sunday 12-6p located at 437 9th Street between 1st Ave and Avenue A. Visit and DGGStreetArt on Twitter for further detais.

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