Street Art Through the Eyes Of vedhead


Long gone are the days New York City mayors fought to eradicate graffiti from the public eye since art can no longer confined to any one concept. NYC now thrives to showcase its greatest talents using any medium, often on the sides of buildings or integrated into public spaces for us to engage and feel inspired.

In spite of watching helplessly the closure of 5Pointz, a most beautiful and internationally influential landmark which was shut down in 2013, the street art community continues to grow rapidly, using commercial spaces and vehicles to leave their imprints for wandering eyes to admire (or pick apart). Street art is a movement which has only become more popular with time and now a reliable source of income for many, thanks to the pioneers who paved the way. Wherever you go, art is to be seen, experienced, and encouraged on many fronts – simply choose a neighborhood and take a walk! I have very much enjoyed discovering the global scope of artists’ works, immersing myself into the cultures, and making a game out of finding what brilliant gems they’ve hidden for us next.






















The art found on our streets is thought provoking and challenges me to ask lots of questions. Each artist has a voice, a cause, a right, a story, and a bright path ahead. I look forward to sharing what I learn about each person
and their visions with you. There’s a wonderful world of undiscovered talent and skill, if you look up and around, and I think it has the power to bridge gaps, educate and inform each other, and keep things interesting. These artists make themselves seen and cultivate friendships throughout, they can be found on Instagram, websites, and have newsletters to keep up on their painting parties. Don’t be shy, say hi and start tagging!





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