Sublime with Rome at the Paramount


The late 90s band we all still adore, Sublime hit the stage of Huntington’s Paramount with the unique European sound of Rome on August 9th.

Picture this: Rome Ramirez and Eric Wilson walking onstage in a cloud of smoke (you can only imagine what kind), while Bud and Josh are already onstage waiting to start jamming out. Any Sublime fan could attest to it being a magical evening to say the least.

Sublime – known for a super-eclectic mix of reggae, ska punk and hip-hop styles – played a major plethora of hits while entertaining the audience and paying homage to the late great Bradley Nowell. While some fans still might argue “it’s not really Sublime up there”, it actually was.. soundwise at least. Jerome ‘Rome’ Reuter lent his smooth vocals and magnetic personality to the Paramount, captivating his audience and making them sing along with him as if he was a treasured friend invited to their living rooms.

Not only did Sublime play for over an hour and a half, they kept spewing out hit after hit, playing singles off their 2011 album Yours Truly and many 90s favorites such as “Date Rape”, “Smoke Two Joints”, “Caress Me Down”, “Santeria”, “April 29th,1992”, and “Wrong Way”, just to name a few.

Opening up for Sublime and Rome was Oogee Wawa, an alternative reggae/hip-hop band from Long Island. At times, it was hard to understand what lead singer Jesse Lee was actually saying, but the performance was a fantastic “first act” for the crowd before Sublime with Rome came on.

You can check out Spotify for some great songs by the Oogee; catch them in Amityville on August 23rd, Dublin Deck in Patchogue August 24th and at the Brickhouse Brewery August 28th.

We can’t wait to see if Sublime and Rome will make another appearance on Long Island or NYC!  Comment below if you agree.

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