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There is no greater joy than to see the sun pop out in May and watch people immediately convert to wearing tanks on their runs even though it’s still 50°F. Late spring is all about planning the celebration to a short, wonderful, warm, sunny season! Here are some ideas before spring is all over.

June has some extraordinary events full of collaboration and engagement throughout. Here are just a few for you to check out!

End your spring with Big aLICe in Long Island City, Queens! They are celebrating their 5th Anniversary this Sunday, June 10th brewed just for you! The backyard will be open! DJ and live music, 12+ beers on draft, four brand NEW beers to-go, two cask beers, and two Shandies made with Renegade Lemonade! There will be a raffle, with all proceeds going to New Alternatives, a drop-in for Homeless LGBT Youth.

I had the utmost pleasure of interviewing artist Marilyn Artus to discuss her new cross-country collaborative exhibit which kicks off at the Robert Mann Gallery in Manhattan Thursday, June 14th. Come meet her, hang out, support this thoughtful and worldly artist and have a great night!

Do check out the last few weeks of Anything Goes: The Jazz Age at the Nassau County Museum of Art if you haven’t already. Jazz. Art. Fashion. Poets. Pack that picnic basket, kickback, and enjoy!

The Montauk Artists’ Association will be very busy this summer, a call for submissions for their Art Show! Wander and support their Shows on the Green!

The Long Island Arts Council is extremely busy keeping their events and submissions calendar current for us! Numerous invitations to enroll in classes, participate in workshops, and calls for submissions await your newfound passion. Sign up now and check their calendar often.

Public Arts, a venue in Lower Manhattan has a full events calendar! Public Arts offers something for everyone musically and artistically. Go ahead and try that whole, “dance as if nobody’s looking” thing. There’s a reason it’s so popular.

Have you heard about Daybreaker yet?! It’s a traveling morning dance/yoga/meditation group. They invite you to random spots for starting your day off with a BANG! Unite, grow, spread the positive vibes!

Free Yoga, Tai Chi and Qi-Gong at Bryant Park all summer.

Museum Mile FESTIVAL June 12th! Artists EVERYWHERE. Bring your biz cards for the network exchange!

Figment NYC is a challenging, live, collaborative public art event. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Me neither. Go have fun, I expect a full report afterwards.

Free Kayaking around Brooklyn Bridge Park Boathouse on weekends, anyone?

SUMMER MARKETS are the BOMB! Veggies. Fruits. Honey. Art stuff. Pet Stuff. Fads and trends stuff. Check it out and see where they’re popping up near you.

Beer Nerd like me? Check out The Other Half’s Green City Festival coming up toward the end of the month. Take your break now because this event is jam-packed with wrestling, beerz from 40+ brewhouses and who knows what the hell else?

Don’t be shy! Put on those tights and get moving! New York City Dance WEEK!

Urban Meadow Gardens in Brooklyn will host this year’s Red Hook Jazz Festival.

Blue Door Arts Center has many great projects and exhibits, including edible art and its monthly Gallery Hop this Thursday, June 7th. Blue Door will host a workshop June 30th for graffiti art and how-to-do. It’s quite likely this is what brought us together in the first place, so please feel free to support them by sharing their events page.

Digital Detox in the Catskills! (‘Nuff said.)

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