American Lines Tour ’16 stops at Paramount



Mayday Parade, a pop- punk band from Tallahassee, Florida and Tempe, Arizona rockers The Maine rocked out at the Paramount on Friday night.

John O’Callaghan, lead singer and songwriter for The Maine, held his acoustic electric guitar up high like John Lennon while opening with “Into your Arms”, “Don’t Stop Now” and “American Candy.” Even though The Maine’s sound continues to evolve, their set combined old favorites as well as tracks from their new album American Candy. During their set, O’Callaghan brought three lucky fans on stage to sing “Girls Do What They Want.” The Maine also took a picture with the crowd, something that Fall Out Boy made a nightly ritual on their past few tours. Security guards were alerted that O’Callaghan felt like climbing during his set, unfortunately that never happened.





DSC_4341Derek Sander, front man for Mayday Parade entered the stage with lots of energy swinging the microphone and shaking his hair like emo veteran Adam Lazzara. Mayday Parade played “Jamie All Over” for their second song and everyone at The Paramount sang along. Even though Mayday Parade was a high-energy headliner, many young fans left before or during their set.




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