The beach Boys at the Amphitheater


As I sat on the lawn of the Amphitheater at Bald Hill, watching the Beach Boys I realized they have become America’s greatest export. 

The Beach Boys, 60 years in the making, have crafted a lifestyle synonymous with Southern California. They created a culture that includes surfing, beautiful girls and love. When you think SoCal cool the Beach Boys are on the list. 

Although I’m not a fan, per se, I appreciate them. There is a respect the Beach Boys. The music just isn’t meant for me, however, their poppy, doo wopish sound is known world wide. I bet if some one asked what is quintessential Americana the list would include Coca- Cola, Harley Davidson and the Beach Boys.  

The Beach Boy’s hay day was the mid 60s. I realized that era was dominated by Folk music with artist like Dylan, Joplin, Joni Mitchell or Rock. Artists that dominated that era were heavy into political unrest described by Credence Clearwater Revival, Buffalo Springfield or “Country” Joe Cocker. However I don’t think of the Beach Boys in the same vain. They were party guys. They didn’t sing about fear and pain or LSD use. They sang about surfing. It is a nice change of pace. Maybe that’s why they are a s popular today as they were back in the day. 

Live they sounded like a well oiled machine. The harmonies are tight and the music is crisp. I guess years of practice pays off. I found it funny they needed an intermission for the show… Father Time rests for no one. 

Thank you Oldies 98 for the clarity! 

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